Mediamuseum “D'Annunzio's Winged Torpedo”

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Mediamuseum “D'Annunzio's Winged Torpedo”

11 May 2018

Date: May 11, 2018

Location: Pescara, Largo Eugenio Sirolli

Exhibition: the "Winged Torpedo", built on the will of the Municipality of Pescara with the support of Rotary Pescara, and the Fly Story Association, by the artist Abele Vadacca, is a sculptural monument in marble and stone inspired by Eugenio Sirolli, d'Annunzio and the legendary "Squadriglia The four cats" will be located and inaugurated on 11 May 2018 in Pescara, in Largo Eugenio Sirolli, in memory of these great heroes.

On Monday, May 2, at 9.00, at the Mediamuseum - The performing arts (Piazza Alessandrini, 34 Pescara), there will be a press conference to present the program of events that go under the name of "D'Annunzio" the winged torpedo ” which will take place over the course of a year and which will include numerous events of a historical, literary, theatrical, cinematographic, artistic and communication nature, including a flight over Fiume by the pilots of the Fly Story Association, scheduled for 2016 .

Organized by the Edoardo Tiboni Foundation for Culture, the National Center for Dannunzian Studies and the Fly Story Association, during the press conference, which will be attended, among others, by Carla Tiboni, president of the Edoardo Tiboni Foundation for Culture, Arnaldo Dante Marianacci, president of the National Center for Dannunzian Studies, Eugenio Sirolli, president of Fly Story, as well as representatives of the regional, provincial and municipal authorities, an exhibition of vintage cars will be presented, which will be stationed in the square in front of the Mediamuseum, a philatelic cancellation will be held , a short theatrical performance, which will have as protagonists d'Annunzio the aviator and the pilot hero from Abruzzo Eugenio Sirolli, the first to launch the torpedo from his plane, whose centenary of birth is being celebrated. An interesting exhibition of sculptures and paintings by the artist Abele Vadacca will also be inaugurated, which will be present, inspired by the Vate, in part already successfully exhibited in Paris.

At 10.30 the caravan of vintage cars and all those who wish to participate will go to Archi (Chieti), the birthplace of Eugenio Sirolli, where, in addition to recalling the figure of the Abruzzo hero, there will also be a concert by the Band of the Air Force.


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