Wind and Feather, Bellagio

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Wind and Feather, Bellagio

04 May 2023

Date: from 29th August to 13th September

Location: Torre delle Arti, Salita Plinio 21, Bellagio. Lake Como 

Exhibition: art exhibition and presentation of the artwork " Panta Rhei ", marble sculpture.

Sculptures, paintings, wear art. In bellagio the "Lario's Pearl" famous in all the world, in the spectacular Medieval frame of "Torre delle Arti", master Abele Vadacca made a big exhibition with selected new artworks, many of them will be exhibit to the public for the first time, that allow the observer to enter in his mind in an immersive way, through an original path were the observer is alway part of the work. Abele's arts search the truth through the light. And is with flashlight inside an original “Black box" in stone that the observer is call to "live" the art works exhibits in a multimedia and interactive way, investigation its deeps meanings. Another important work is "Inverted Caryatid", a dramatic representation of contemporary human tension and crisis. The artwork is also a geological tribute to the area, because was build with an erratic rock, a "trovante" of San Primo Mountains in Bellagio that is the most high top of Triangolo Lariano. don't miss the "Black box" the symbolical location of individual and collective memory, location of mysteries and suggestions which contains all the send of Vadacca's art. Here every visitors could enter with his own presence in the digital world, of a new artwork made by Abele Vadacca.

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    May 04 @ 08:00 pm
  • End:
    May 04 @ 11:00 pm
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Bellagio, Lago di Como

  • Address:
    Salita Plinio 21
    Bellagio, 22021 Italia