D’Annunzio, il poeta dall’animo leggero

D’Annunzio, il poeta dall’animo leggero

D’Annunzio, il poeta dall’animo leggero

Portrait – unique artwork

It is a tribute to Gabriele d'Annunzio, an Italian poet and intellectual, it represents the ability to create a portrait, which communicates and excites, with typical techniques of the old school of sculptors Italian, from the creation of the clay model, to the cast according to the ancient tradition of an art workshop, and then through the 'pointing' technique, the model was reported on marble to be then finished in a workmanlike manner. The sculpture re-proposes dimensions slightly larger than the natural as per the classic tradition and deception is the basis of the forms that plastically acquire expressiveness. The modification of the shapes takes place according to the material, the refractions of the marble crystals require a particular technical approach that defines the volume according to the chosen effect.

The marble selected  for the subject is a white Apuano. While a Rosso Francia Griotte was chosen for the capital, symbol of art and culture. The originality given by the emptying of the work and by the artist's philosophy.

The portraits are artworks that can be made on commission, based on the required needs.
This is a unique artwork, entirely handmade.




70 x 40 x100 cm