Lake Como Vortex

Lake Como Vortex

Lake Como Vortex

Marble sculpture – unique artwork

The feather symbol of life, of the human soul and the passing of time is filled with lightness, carried up by a vortex of water. The power of nature, the rebirth.


The feather encloses his expressive philosophy, the uncertainty of being the aesthetic perfection and the fascinating extreme technology of nature. Announce the fragility but even the human tenacity its symbol of our time, tacit and silent, is a mirror of an evolved and fragile human personality, overcoming obstacles, rebirth and renewal; and at the same time an ancient symbol, used since the Middle Eastern, Mesopotamian and Egyptian’s culture, establishes the close connection with the air.


Symbol of the life, of the quiet. Always in constant movement and transformation. Symbol of knowledge and of wisdom. It represents for Abele the flow of the time and of the things connecting to the beloved concept of “Carpe diem” to all of its simbologies is connected.


The air and the atmosphere become part of the artwork and give lightness to the marble. The feather is a recurrent symbol with different meanings: lightness, purity, angels, birds, flight, personality, freedom, autonomy, independence. When a feather leaves a body, a new life begins with its own personality.




20 x 15 x 43 cm