Limited number of piece: 1/3

Lost wax casting

The trilogy which includes "The rooster", (goat - donkey - rooster) biblical animal is a great symbol in human history. It marks the time and the passing of the hours! A lost wax bronze where the anatomical lines and emotions express strength and vitality.

Large and shiny, it becomes a symbol to follow for endless dawns of renewal. About half of the lost wax work is made from feathers forged directly one by one, unique and unrepeatable. The rooster rests on a huge white marble egg which symbolizes life and rebirth.
A unique combination of marble and  bronze with an Italian flavour where the mastery and technique leak from the anatomical shapes but the sense that is most emitted is one of great emotion and emotion.
For the author, the theme of pets is a historical theme, he also represented: the goat, the rooster, the owl, the cat, the donkey, the horse (much loved theme).

( The Rooster symbol of France - in 2021 tribute to the centenary of Napoleon's death who donated so much to the culture of Lake Como)




60x70x170 cm