Monument to Angelo Vassallo , Controcorrente (against the tide)

Monumental marble artwork

The work was begun at the behest of the Municipal Administration of Calimera (Puglia), this allows the artist to start a historical study of the documentation referring to the character Angelo Vassallo, the "Mayor Fisherman" as well as through careful photographic research, also with an introspective research, which is based on the story of the family, the people who knew him, the documents treated in cinema and theatre.

The study phase has engaged the artist for some time, and he outlines a careful morphological analysis based on a psychological and biographical evaluation that has much attention is required, given the importance of the topic dealt with and the dramatic nature of the events.

The sculptor observes the documents starting from the first important phases of life up to the most tragic and discussed events, the already produced artistic documents are examined which allow the vicissitudes of this character to be reconstructed, which gradually becomes a symbol of legality.

The sculpture symbolically embodies the tenacity of simple and constant actions that represent an insurmountable force and ennoble the spirit and action aimed at justice and sacrifice.

Angelo Vassallo a simple man who becomes a symbol, a mayor weigher who becomes the maximum expression of what is the common good.

The entire creative phase took place in the Scultore's laboratory on Lake Como, the work could only be made of marble, a material  so dear to the artist and for which just eighteen years old, he leaves his beloved Calimera to experiment and experiment with Carrara and the Apuan Alps.

With this work, a piece of the Apuan Alps returns to the birthplace of the sculptor Abele Vadacca, to symbolize the never-extinct love for his native land, and to represent an indelible mark that echoes towards future generations on what Angelo Vassallo has given of himself.

The selected marble is an Apuan white. The starting block from which the best part weighing more than 10 tons was selected.




250 x150 x 250 cm


Calimera ( Puglia )