Steel and gold bronze sculpture

Unique Artwork

The theme of the horse has been a constant for the artist since the beginning of his work. Narciso is a rampant horse that expresses through a figurative language, concepts related to contemporary life and to the uncertainties of humanity looking to the future.

The artwork is expressive and plastic, the artist maintains fresh and dynamic sculptural shapes, the surface is smoothed obsessively making the golden horse (inspired to Akhal-Teke , the beautiful horse with gold coat, not was celebrated in antiquity also by Alexander the Great).

The rampant horse, resting on his hind legs, he is immortalized in a side shot during which he turns and, instinctively remains captured by his own image reflected in a polished steel base.

It’s in the base the deep concept that the artist wants to convey, a sort of mirror that connects the humanity with the world and with the universes (multiverse).

The surface of steel changes according to what it reflects and what it reflects is always changing in a close relationship between space and time, which hides the true arcane of our existence.

Narciso is stuck in time kidnapped by his own beauty and at the same time by an evolving existence of which it is both protagonist and observer.

And it is in that mirror ( symbol of time ) that the thousands of years of our evolution pass by rapid and changing images where are perceive cosmic explosions, cataclysms, mass extinctions, periods of peace and war. It is there where is hidden man’s hope to understand his journey and to be able to make it a wonderful experience.




50 X 40 X 55 cm