The winged torpedo

The winged torpedo


Monumental sculpture in marble – unique artwork

The monumental artwork entitled Torpedo Alato was placed in Pescara in Largo Eugenio Sirolli by the will of the municipal administration and as support for the flyStory Association and Rotary Pescara Ovest.

The "winged torpedo" due recognition to the exceptional feats of national heroes, undergoes a metamorphosis and, by virtue of the desire to praise peace, recalling history, it transforms into a "nib", an instrument and symbol of culture and of the intellectuals of the past century. This element, composed of a block of white marble, which develops for 2.70 meters. in length, it pierces a composition of erratic blocks in green serpentine, in which the shapes of the sea waves are revealed in a larval way (praise to Pescara, city of water ). The back of the nib evolves into surreal elements: wings and feathers that are a tribute to fantasy, art, culture, and freedom; fundamental elements that have made impossible missions possible in history.

The culture that penetrates, pierces and overcomes even the most difficult moments in human history, moments that deserve recognition and appreciation for works of ingenuity and admonition, so that similar situations of human travail are averted over the years to come.

It is Eugenio Sirolli, d'Annunzio and the legendary "Squadriglia I quattrocati" that the work is inspired by and by them who, with the stubbornness and inventiveness have been able to write noble and indelible pages of history, represented in the monument by the white marble stone book which bears the indelible motto: SUFFICIT ANIMUS.




300 x 450 x 250 cm


Pescara, Largo Eugenio Sirolli