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Cortona in arte

26 June 2021

Date: from 26 June to 4 July 2021

Location: Sant'Agostino Convention Center, Via Guelfa 40, Cortona - AR-

Inauguration: Vernissage by reservation Saturday 26 at 12:00.

Organization: Marilena Visconti, Liana Cioli

Curator: Ginevra Chionne


Abele Vadacca exhibits in the heart of Tuscany, a large personal exhibition that opens up to the personal and collective artistic paths of other artists. "Cortona in art" - in the province of Arezzo - is curated by Marilena Visconti, Liana Cioli and Ginevra Chionne.

The works, almost all created in the last few months by the artist, will be transferred to the heart of Tuscany and born in his atelier on Lake Como, in the small port of Loppia, a hamlet of Bellagio, in the Villa Melzi complex to which the artist has for years is now associated with a preference for it as a place of inspiration. (moreover, just this year the gardens of Villa Melzi are enriched with a renovated and expanded museum divided into two sections; one dedicated to the 18th and 19th centuries and an "Antiquarium"). For the preparation of Physis, the artist works with the materials of the Italian sculptural tradition, such as crystalline marble, bronze, terracotta and wood.

The works take shape in the concept of lightness and elegance. The exhibition logic considers the evolution of matter starting from animal forms strongly linked to physicality and the earth (rooster, goat) interpreted by the artist in a personal way, presenting the first hints of material investigation on the theme of emptiness. The animal form is idealized in the series of horses, an animal symbol of elegance and archetype of mythological connection (Pegasus) between the material and immaterial.

However, the physical form that is recognizable and derived from nature but which most of all marks the transition between the material and the immaterial for the artist is the feather, on display it can be admired in all its material representations ( clay, bronze, marble, wood). The feather is the maximum expression of nature's 'biological technique', ethereal and intangible, it leads the visitor to the perception of emptiness as a physical presence; invisible but powerful. The cycle closes after "angel skin" with the rebirth whose symbol par excellence for the artist is the egg. Starting point of a new natural and cosmic cycle. Unpublished work that deserves particular attention is 'Pluma solis', the first of a series of works in marble and gilded bronze, the element in Naxos crystalline white marble is delicate and fluid, it supports a large golden feather in bronze, very light and elegant in the shapes. As per tradition for the artist the shape is not sought only externally but the block is also sculpted internally. The void becomes form.

The artist: "In these works I continue my research, I strive every day to find techniques that allow me to sculpt light because it is only in light that we find truth."

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    Jun 26 @ 08:00 am
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    Jul 04 @ 05:00 pm
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Marilena Visconti, Liana Cioli


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