The portrait of Duke Tommaso Fulco Gallarati Scotti

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The portrait of Duke Tommaso Fulco Gallarati Scotti

06 April 2019

Date: Saturady 6 th April 

Location: Giardini di Villa Melzi d’Eril in Bellagio. Lake Como

Exhibition:  The marble sculpture is devoted to Duke Tommaso Fulco Gallarati Scotti, an intellectual and diplomatic man, is made by Abele Vadacca through the classical tradition, and it will be installed inside the Gardens of Villa Melzi d'Eril, it will be added to the precious permanent collection of works by Comolli, Canonica, Albertolli and Villoresi. Comolli, del Canonica, di Albertolli e di Villoresi.

The artwork will be remain in the Gardens as part of the permanent collection of Family Gallarati Scotti. During 2018 in Villa Melzi Gardens below the historical greenhouse (“orangerie") made by the architect Luigi Canonica and today part of the Museum with precious sculptures and objects of the family history, the artist Abele Vadacca, student of illustrious Masters of '900 , realized the artwork full of inspiration: the portrait of Duke Tommaso Fulco Gallarati ScottiAn intellectual and diplomatic man who gave a lot to Italy and to culture and who is really connected with this special places. At him was devoted the Library of Bellagio. The artwork was made on request by family Gallarati Scotti the owners of the Villa, and starts with the historical study of the documentations wrote by the duke, after that there was also a careful photographic research.

The documents remain just the first part of the research, and the most beautiful and interesting part was the story told by the family, and by the people who had met him.

All the creative phase was in the villa, that has allowed the artist to "live" in the environment so loved by the Duke, to perceive the same creative influence that only such a unique place can allow, to approach his own emotion, as in a time jump.


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    Apr 06 @ 10:30 am
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