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01 September 2018

Date: from 1 to 15 September 2018 

Location: Monumental complex of Galliano, Baptistery of Galliano Cantù

Exhibition:  In the wonderful location of the Baptistery of Galliano, a jewel of Lombard religious architecture and pervaded by the spiritual depth that belonged to the men of faith of the past and of today.

The exhibition of works by Abele Vadacca, which will be held on Saturday 1 September at 6.00 pm and will continue for 15 days inside the mystical Baptistery dating back to the year 1000 in the Basilica complex, is revealed to an attentive public of Galliano , in a small town  Cantù, where the number of churches reflects a history of radiant dedication to Christianity. Not a traditional inauguration but an act of listening , guests will be invited to enter and silently listen to the different artistic expressions: architecture, sculpture, painting, and song will experience the intense emotion of "living, communicative and understandable works."

The religious theme of the event, as a perfect symbiosis with the place where it will take place, will allow for dialogue with the various actors, making the public itself an active part. Some unpublished pictorial and sculptural works, there will be a tribute to the city of Cantù in the imposing work " Omnia Mutantur" , marble will be present as an element that represents the material of elective affinity for the author, a religious work entitled "Sing of Christ" never exhibited, which the owners, illustrious Australian clients will allow to be exhibited only for this occasion in Italy , in fact, once the event is over, the work will find its location final in St. Mary's Cathedral in the town of Perth  where the faithful await her anxiously.

A dialogue with the intangible through what is tangible, which reveals part of Abele's artistic philosophy, attentive to the history of man to the historical, philosophical and religious aspects, which combines an executive ability the result of studies and masters of the last century with contents projected to the future, to the most recent discoveries and their skilful rendering as a work of art. 'Whoever wants to listen, listen.'

The event, organized by the Arte Lario Association , sponsored by the Municipality of Cantù and the Parish of San Vincenzo di Cantù , with the contribution of Riva 1920 , and the participation of the Vocal Group  Fam. Sala ( choir ), the interpretation of Daniela Citterio ; it will be scheduled for other religious locations.

The President Emanuele Pitto of the ARTELARIO.IT Association on behalf of the entire Board declares "Proud to share this mystical event by the artist Abele Vadacca, we are sure that it will be a very high moment where his expression cultural and the spiritual message of his works will fit into the historical and religious aura of the Cantù monuments, evidence of a centuries-old Christianity".

In the photos the artist Abele Vadacca with Vittorio Sgarbi.

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    Sep 01 @ 08:00 am
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    Sep 15 @ 05:00 pm
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