Mysterious Artwork - The Ladder for the Moon

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Mysterious Artwork - The Ladder for the Moon

21 July 2018

Date: from 21 July to 15 November 2018

Location: Bellagio Center , Lake Como

Exhibition: "The Ladder for the Moon (La Scala per la Luna)" a work that contains countless symbols, so dear to the artist Abele Vadacca, the fulcrum of the work is a large feather that is placed in a "?" and rises from the base; which we discover to be a basin containing water (symbol: "source of life"). A ladder rises from the water that reaches the moon. The metaphor refers to the cycles of life, the achievement of one's dreams and the infinite variables that everyone encounters along the way. In summarizing the cyclical nature of time: an egg, placed at the base of the ladder, and 3 owls that summarize the different moods in the temporal stages of life. The work, entirely in marble, imposing and light at the same time (in the artist's tradition), contains proportional calculations that refer to the golden section, to the principle of number as harmony and aesthetic expression.

"The ladder for the Moon" will be located for a limited period in the Municipality of Bellagio, we do not want to reveal the definitive location, we invite those who are art lovers or simply curious to go and find out for themselves where it is, wandering through the enchanting districts its bellagine of Borgo.

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    Jul 21 @ 12:00 am
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    Nov 15 @ 12:00 am
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