Tra Apparente Immanente E Trascendente

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Tra Apparente Immanente E Trascendente

14 December 2022

Date: from 14 December to 30 December 2022

Location: Palazzo Pirelli (MI) Via Fabio Filzi 22, Milan

Inauguration:  14 December 2022 at 9.30 am


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The exhibition of the artist Abele Vadacca is a path of paintings (made with unprecedented techniques and rare metal powders), sculptures, from small and delicate feathers in crystalline marble (symbol par excellence of the author) up to works that reach around 3 meters high; they amaze the observer and transport the attentive eye on a journey of proximity to themes related to astrophysics, space and myth.


Scenographic works where we reflect, and where we reflect, on our state of being human, in a 2022 in which the planet Earth, increasingly fragile and delicate, needs attention and special care while space, the planets and galaxies, also governed by fragile balances, become increasingly visible.


An exhibition in which art 'sneaks' into the microcosm, with an obsessive research that starts from the most advanced chemistry passing through the tradition that enhances the historical materials of the Lombardy region: Candoglia marble, Lombard terracotta, Valtellina granite, marble of Musso; up to looking at the macrocosm, in a continuous paradigm, where colors and shapes that are inspired by recent discoveries and stimulate ancestral feelings. Starting from the motivation that has driven man up to here: the desire for knowledge.


The path ends with what science still does not know today, which transcends faith and religion.


“Years of study have led me to investigate ancient materials and techniques that belong to our history and to the evolution of man on Earth. This event is designed to push the observer and the participants to a vision that transcends the exclusive link with our Planet of origin, investigates the deep soul of each one of us, in the future earthly existence, which awaits the new generations. A dialogue between Science and Religion through Art , which has always been a means of expression and a tool, which allows humanity new reflections. New spaces.”


Abele Vadacca


“Light, particles, dust and gravitational waves. This is the new astronomy that studies the cosmos thanks to a variety of celestial messengers that open new horizons to research and offer new inspirations to artists. Under the discreet but inflexible direction of gravity, everything dances in the cosmos and this movement forms fantastically beautiful structures which, thanks to the images of the Hubble Space Telescope and the more recent James Webb Space Telescope, have become everyone's heritage. Astronomers study them because they contain information on the birth and death of stars, on the formation of galaxies, on the beginning of the Universe, the public admires them, artists are inspired by them and interpret them. Everything is pervaded by the concept of beauty.”


Patrizia Caraveo


The artist is thus described by Alessandro Fermi, President of the Lombardy Regional Council which hosts the anthology at the exhibition space of Palazzo Pirelli, Milan:


An anthology of sculptures and paintings that offers the visitor a significant insight into the artist's language and poetics, well summarized, moreover, also by the title of the event: "Between apparent, immanent and transcendent. The artist's ability to shape matter, marble in particular, is necessarily immanent, made of gravity, dust, effort.

At the same time Vadacca, modern Demiurge, through the removal, transforms the immanence of the stone into something apparently prodigious for its levity and enchantment.


The President of ARTELARIO.IT, Emanuele Pitto mentioned:


Almost like a miracle of "light", the artist Abele Vadacca proposes this exhibition with a strong invitation to reflect towards a spiritual and scientific research of it, which will lead us to probe the intangible and formless infinite, where everything in the end defines. The elements acquire meaning and our being men rediscovers the philosophical and ethical values of a profoundly classical culture.


“God's first creature was light”


(Francis Bacon - English philosopher)”


  • Start:
    Dec 14 @ 12:00 am
  • End:
    Dec 30 @ 12:00 am
  • Event Category:

Regione Lombardia

Palazzo Pirelli (MI)

  • Address:
    Via Fabio Filzi 22
    Milano, Italia