Aurum et virtutibus

Aurum et virtutibus

Aurum et virtutibus

Sculpture in terracotta and metal oxides

Belonging to the GENESIS section, it is handmade by the artist by shaping local terra cotta (from Lake Como and Lombardy) and patinated with metal oxides starting from the composition with crushed powders of natural materials. In the old fashioned way.
The work entitled ET VIRTUTIBUS AURUM represents the Enlightenment principle which expresses: Art and an intellectual life achieved with practice, is virtue (expressed with gold). In a context of dematerialization of works in the current artistic scenario, this work becomes contesting.
The artist represents an abstract form that is inspired by the moment in which matter overwhelmed by shocking variations was preparing for the genesis of the earth.
Conceptually, man's intellectual and manual ability is praised as the achievement of virtue (gold).
Only the classical foundations and the craft of art allow you to express yourself freely.




35x40x26 cm