Limited number of piece: 1/3

Lost wax casting

“Balio” belongs to the series ” The three horses of Achilles Balio and Xanto the two immortals, born according to the Greek myth from Zefiro (the West wind) and Pedaso the deadly horse.
Balio is a symbol of wisdom and with the ability to see and predict the future.
The Divine horses are a theme dear to the artist who has roots linked to the classical culture of the Mediterranean.
De Chirico has already portrayed them as powerful but equally fragile and sensitive steeds, so much so that they cannot bear human injustice.
The unique work, a bronze sculpture made with lost wax, belongs to a series of 3; in this case the horse, which has powerful and perfect musculature, is caught in the moment in which he slips, contorts his body to try to get up quickly. Represented in a very small fragment of time.
A philosophical digression by the artist who, through the skilful use of anatomical shapes, fresh and with vibrant touches, once again represents the concept of time as an inexorable element that establishes the evolution of events.






30 x 40 x 60 cm