Balio, Xanto, Pedaso

Balio, Xanto, Pedaso

Balio, Xanto, Pedaso

Limited number of piece : 1/3

Lost wax casting

Private collection – Lake Como

The brave horses of Achilles Balio and Xanto the two immortals, born according to the Greek myth from Zefiro (the West wind) and Pedaso the deadly horse. "Balios" means piebald, dappled and "Xanthos" means yellow, fawn, bay,  they had the gift of speech granted to them by Hera and were guided by Auromedon Achilles' coachman...

The divine horses are theme dear to the artist, who is connected to the classical Mediterranea culture. Even De Chirico paint them as strong horses but even fragile and sensitive enough to be unable to see human injustices.

The horses are represented in a hypothetical race, inspyred at ‘Palio di Siena’ an annual horses competition which happen every year in Tuscany, in a very small fragment of time.
Balio, who has a powerful and perfect musculature, is caught in the moment he slips, contorts his body to try to get up promptly, while Xanto is crushed by him, comes the mortal horse, Pedaso , he seize the moment and win the race.
A philosophical digression of the artist that through use of anatomical shapes, and with vibrant touches, represents once again the concept of time as an inexorable element which decide the events. A sculpture dwellings by a strong moral that incites tenacity.






60 x 50 x 70 cm