Terracotta and metal oxides  

Private Collection Nuova Zelanda

A series of works dedicated to Nature, to the changeability of time and seasons.
'Him' ideally represents Him, the male essence, the surface of the work, modeled directly by the artist, has metallic variants  which vary from silver to pearl.
The work, which belongs to a limited series of 10 pieces, all unique and original, well represents the place where it was made, in fact, the artist's atelier overlooks the waters of Lake Como in a small fraction of Bellagio, frozen in time, at the entrance to the Villa Melzi complex, famous throughout the world for its botanical gardens, exotic plants, always perfect and luxuriant.
Frozen in time is a large, magnified leaf, a botanical element fixed in time, an unrepeatable form, a single moment, a single light. It is nature that takes over, which becomes the protagonist.
The material is part of the Italian culture, terracotta, painted with metal powders and natural oxides, the leaf floats on a thin, metallic stem. Anchored to the earth by means of a marble, soft and rounded, almost liquid, almost a lake. The complex is harmonious, light and elegant, the result of a manual and artistic skill that has historical roots.
The work is instinctive, modern, harmonic and light at the same time and contains profound philosophies and reflections on the importance of time and the dutiful respect that is required of man in comparisons of nature.




45 x 33 x 90 cm