La scala per la Luna

La scala per la Luna

The Ladder for the Moon

Marble sculpture – unique artwork

“The ladder for the moon” an artwork that contains a lot of symbologies, dear to the artist, the fulcrum of the sculpture is a large feather that is placed in a shape like “?” and rises from the base; which containing water ( symbol : “source of life”). A ladder rises from the water and reaches the Moon. The metaphor is refers to the clichés of life, to the achievement of human dreams and to the infinite variables that everyone meets on the road. In summarizing the cycles of time: an egg, placed at the base of the scale , and 3 owls that synthesize the different states of mind in the temporal phases of existence. The artwork, is entirely made in marble, imposing and light at the same time, as the tradition of the artist.




125x70x200 cm