Semper simul


Semper simul

Semper simul

Gold sculpture - unique artwork

Limited number of artwork: 1 / 10

The art that becomes to be worn and the jewel becomes a link between the art itself and the person who becomes a work of art.

The result of meticulous technical and formal research, which must be studied with a careful eye both on a symbolic and technical level , the first unique gold works by Abele Vadacca are born.
Maintaining his expressive line, the artist creates works in extremely precious materials, gold and diamonds which encompass all the power of his monumental works and the lightness of his impalpable feathers, extremely elegant shapes full of light.

“Semper Simul is a ring, the first sculpture in a collection thatrefers to the philosophy of feathers so dear to the artist, “feathers philosophy“.
The choice of gold (white, yellow, pink) and the number of diamonds to be set, can be customized. Also based on the size of the finger.




3 x 2 x 1.5 cm