Tutto relativo

Tutto relativo

Tutto relativo

Kinetic sculpture in metal, unique artwork

                                                                                                                                                                                            Sculpture in iron shaped and carved, excess of distortion spie time the artwork is an harmonious sculpture made with feathers and metal that are supported in a rhythmic and not symmetrical rising, is a kinetic artwork, every single element revolve in space making infinite spatial positions The artist research take him in comparison with metals (that full the cosmic space the purpose is to involve the viewer who, reflecting, discovers an infinite number of facets of himself. The same concept for the connection space time (that the scientists are recently investigating carefully) could find us in more places and in more large times.

The sculpture reach 2,5 / 3 meters high and the iron feathers revolve in casual ways that proposed distorted visions and perspectives. It is suitable for outdoor and Its charm is completed with the kinetics and also with the sound effectsespecially in rainy days. It is suitable even in location with string weather, ( as sea and frozen areas ) for the toughness of the material.






250 x 250 x 300 cm